Celeris Desktop

The next generation wave model

Interactive, faster than real-time Boussinesq wave modeling

You may have already used Celeris Advent; our revolutionary wave modeling software that democratized high performance nearshore modeling. Celeris Desktop is a completely new version of Celeris Advent that takes a step further and introduces a new paradigm in wave modeling. Here are a few features you will love in Celeris Desktop:

  • Navigate the 3D space conveniently and choose several different view angles in interactive environment.

  • Screen capture the experiment or record it at 360° to upload on YouTube.

  • Record an entire experiment, without slowing down the simulation, and later replay or share it with others.

  • Extend the capabilities of Celeris Desktop by writing C# scripts with a simple API.


Contact info@celerialabs.com for pricing and more information.